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Driven by Need, Led by Experience, Powered by Volunteers

“The size and nature of any event will change, and so will the recovery teams.  Monitoring the situation will always demand the need for constant vigilance and a portal to provide the public with reliable information, in essence a virtual solution on how and where to reach aid.  Humanity Road, Inc. provides that service”  – Cat Graham

Our ability to support any disaster is only through the dedication and excellent skill sets of our volunteers.  They are the backbone of our operation and we would like to introduce a few of them here.  These are everyday people performing extraordinary acts of kindness and generosity by spending many hours of their personal time every month sharing information with others on where recovery aid may be found . 


Toni McNulty
Team Leader, Locations  








Toni McNulty – Team Leader,
Animals in Disaster/RedCrossDog

Twitter: @iamvatoni
Skype: toni.mcnultyToni is an administrative support professional who enjoys interacting with people globally via the Internet. Volunteerism has been a part of her life since childhood. She has served others in many ways, from working in a soup kitchen to being a court advocate for battered women. She joined Humanity Road shortly after the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti.She has completed FEMA’s Course: “IS-10.a Animals in Disasters: Awareness and Preparedness.” She implements the mission of Humanity Road’s “RedCrossDog” by increasing public awareness about safety and disaster preparedness for pets and other animals. 

Christoph Dennenmoser Team Leader, Urgent Needs              

Christoph Dennenmoser – Team Leader, Urgent NeedsOn Skype: sahnetaeter
On Twitter: @sahnetaeter
On facebook: Christoph Dennenmoser

Christoph is working as EMS paramedic for German Red Cross Rescue Services.

He is also volunteering as Disaster Manager and teacher and is doing Public Relations.

The connection of disaster management and Information Technology and the immense possibilities in an effective use of Social Media in disaster situations is what raised his interest in the work of HumanityRoad. As team leader of the urgent needs cluster he enjoys being able to bring in his experience as Disaster Manager and passion for new media for serving people in need .


Bettie Wootten Tussey 
Team Leader Volunteers










Bettie Wootten Tussey  Team Leader Volunteers
On Skype:   RVAREGal
On Twitter: RVAREGal
Website:  www.bettiesellsrichmond.comBettie is a full time Realtor in the Richmond, Virginia metro area where she has been providing first class service to her clients for over 30 years. Volunteering has been a part of her life since an early age and the opportunity to provide aid in disasters through the internet is an opportunity that she has embraced with open arms. Over the years her involvement has been with MDA, Red Cross and Girl Scouts of America. She is currently Vice President for Education for the Richmond Symphony Orchestra League, involved in community management for her homeowners association, and is an avid supporter of Massey Cancer Center.When the earthquake hit in Haiti on January 12, 2010, Bettie found a niche that would enable her to help the people of Haiti and through Twitter she found the group that has now evolved into Humanity Road. A definition for compassion that she saw online describes her feelings for those involved in any disaster: “Compassion is your pain in my heart” and this definition surely defines the heart and soul of each of our volunteers at Humanity Road.


Leesa Astredo
Team Lead for Food/Water/Shelter










Leesa Astredo, Team Lead Shelters
Twitter @viequesbound, @hugsforhaiti and @roofsforainbows
Skype: Viequesbound
Website: http://gulfoilspill.blogspot.com/ In 1992, Crosby, TX, was hit by a series of devastating tornados. Homes and neighborhoods were totally destroyed. My children were with friends, returning from a sporting event. A tornado hit my home that day. The house was repaired, and for a year I lived in constant fear of the next tornado.  A year later they were back, tornados all around me.   I got a camera and went outside to confront my fear. I watched down the road where the tornado could be seen. It moved north, away from my home – this time we were spared. I stood there with a determination I had not yet felt in my life. I would never again be afraid of weather.August 29th, 2005:  Katrina became a name known to the world, I had only finished American Red Cross training four days earlier. All I had trained for was tossed out the window. I was in the middle of a catastrophic event, never before seen, and certainly never trained for. I jumped into shelter work., sharing my own story of living through Katrina. An immediate comradery was formed with my clients in the shelters. I worked with six at a time. January 12, 2010: Haiti is devastated by another unprecedented event in the form of a major earthquake. I came across a group that I began paying attention to. I liked the way and the messages they sent via twitter. I volunteered with that wonderful group, now known as Humanity Road.  I am proud and honored to be a Team Lead for Food/Water/Shelter within this wonderful organization. I have made new everlasting friends here. People that share my compassion and passion – people dedicated to getting the information out to the folks affected by a major disaster.April 20th, 2010: Once again, my home state is in peril, waiting, wondering and watching the shores of our great state of Louisiana. Humanity Road has set up a page to Help the Gulf Coast heal with pertinent information to this event. http://gulfoilspill.blogspot.com/ is my blog to help get even more info out to the public.
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