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We Are Here For You

There has been much in the media recently about new technology and how it is helping in times of disaster.  What has gotten little coverage are the people behind the new tools.  Who are these people that use the new technology to help others when disaster strikes?  

Humanity Road, Inc.(c) volunteers actively monitor many disaster alert services including USGS.gov, NOAA.gov, GDACs.org, FEMA.org, Oceanweather.com, Redcross.org, Ready.gov and other Internet based geological, weather and disaster monitoring tools. Our volunteers also monitor mainstream media news reports, News blogs, disaster related conversations and posts made in social networking forums such as @Twitter, Facebook, Google groups, Youtube, Twitpics and other Internet based applications and forums.  We keep in touch with state emergency response agencies and local communities impacted by disaster by reaching them through the Internet.  If this intrigues you, then you are probably a geek like us and will want to visit our Emergency Operations Center at https://humanityroad.wordpress.com/virtual-emergency-operations-center/.

Our volunteers are geo-dispersed, enhancing our ability to respond within minutes of any significant disaster.  And because we train our volunteers on how to identify and confirm facts during chaotic events, our volunteers are able to increase the accuracy of routing true urgent needs situations to the appropriate agencies for response.

After the Haiti and Chile quakes we were inputting urgent incidents into Ushahidi, connecting those who needed aid with those who could provide aid. We work with citizens, federal, state, local and international aid agencies, technology providers, and the general public before, during and after disaster to educate them on where aid is needed and where it can be found.  Yes, we are the disaster geeks who use the tools that you read about in the newspapers and blogs.  Though we do it quietly, efficiently and without fanfare, we want you to know, we are here for you.  Humanity Road, Inc is a 501c3 Tax Exempt Public Charity
Visit us online at www.humanityroad.org

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